Help and FAQs


1. What is NJOI Now?

NJOI Now is an over-the-top service that gives you complete and free access to a selection of TV channels (such as Astro Awani, Astro Prima, Astro AEC etc) and video-on-demand (VOD). This means that you can watch the channel or VOD title of your choice on either your mobile phone, your laptop, desktop or tablet.

At this juncture, you will be able to have complete access to 18 free channels and about 15 boxsets of free VOD content at any one time without ever having to pay any access or subscription fee. Unlike many other OTT offerings that are essentially a subscription service for longer term access (for instance free-for-first-month, free-for-the-first-few-episodes etc), NJOI Now is essentially a free-OTT service offering you free access to home-grown news, education, entertainment and sports. Included in the forever-free access is selected VOD content, where you will have complete box sets for your viewing pleasure. In addition, for selected titles being shown on the channels, you will have the ability to catch-up on missed episodes, for free.  

NJOI Now gives you the ability to watch your favourite Astro content and more on your computer, tablet, and smartphone – anytime and anywhere in the country.  With NJOI Now you get:

  • Broadcast TV Channels – Don't miss what's on TV just because you’re not at home. Catch shows on your favourite channels via your devices anytime, anywhere.
  • TV Shows – Catch up on missed episodes from up to past 14 days and binge on your favourite TV shows on demand.
  • Movies – Cinematic viewing pleasure is now on your fingertips – with movies selection for you from Astro First, Astro Best, and on demand library.
  • Live Sporting and Entertainment Events – From your favourite sports to live entertainment events, watch it all live on NJOI Now, as and when they are available.


2. Do I have to pay to download and to register for access to NJOI Now?

No, the app is free. Getting started with the basic access to NJOI Now is always free – just logon to, or download the NJOI Now app.


3. How can I get started with NJOI Now?

Log on to through a web browser from your computer, or download the NJOI Now app onto your supported iOS and Android tablet or smartphone.

To start watching, simply sign up for an Astro ID or use your Facebook. If you’re an NJOI customer, you can follow the instructions to link your NJOI Now account with your NJOI account or smart card number for more channels and self service functions.

Signing up for an Astro ID


  1. Launch the app and press SIGN UP
  2. Fill in the required details. (Note: Astro ID should have at least 8 characters, either all letters or combination of letters & numbers)
  3. Press REGISTER upon completing the details
  4. Email Validation prompt: Login to the email account of the email address you used and validate the sign up


Linking to NJOI box (For NJOI customers only)


  1. After log-in, go to SETTINGS and press Link your NJOI Box
  2. Fill in the required details – either by using NJOI account number or smartcard number
  3. Successfully linked


4. How can I find out more about content offerings?

You can browse and find out more about our available channels, movies, TV series or live event passes by browsing through “HOME”, “CHANNELS”, “ON DEMAND”

  • Home: Your viewing history, continue watching, all the available content for your viewing & recommended comment
  • Channels: Live broadcast of home-grown news, education, entertainment and sports
  • On Demand: Binge-watch or catch up your missed episodes anytime


5. I am an NJOI customer. What are the content I will be able to access on NJOI Now?

You will get access to all the free offering on NJOI Now and if you’ve linked your NJOI Now account with your NJOI account or smart card number, you will get more content provided you have purchased NJOI Prepaid channels via CH200.

* Channels purchased from promotions prior to 11 May 2017 will not be available for viewing on NJOI Now app

**Certain channels and content on NJOI decoder are not available on NJOI Now. We’re continuously working to get more channels and content to be made available on NJOI Now

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